OCC Live Chat Support


Please make sure we have your cell phone so we can reach you at the airport. Once you have landed, check your voicemail for a message from your driver. Once you have retrieved your bags(or are in baggage claim area if you only have carry on luggage), give your driver a call and meet him/her at the designated door to be picked up. Make sure to go to the MIDDLE Island for pick up by your driver.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be sure to place your reservation a minimum of 2 hours in advance by calling us at 630-338-3403 before you board your plane. WE PREFER a day in advance but we are available for last minute reservations. If you need a ride before 7am in the morning,those reservations need to be made by 6pm the night before to guarantee a vehicle is available.

Always be sure to place reservations with My Personal Taxi’s office via our direct phone number and not with the driver; although you may request any driver for your ride. We do our best to fill any requests provided the driver is working at that time and available for pick ups.

Be sure to ask your driver for a My Personal Taxi business card/receipt, for the next time you need us.